Homeowner Assistance for Tree Service

Boen's Tree Service is an ISA Certified Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist

The following section provides phone numbers for government agencies that regulate tree removal and pruning activities and also mangrove removal and trimming. In addition, the phone number and addresses for the Cooperative Extension Services that provides homeowner assistance with tree related questions.

NOTE: The specifications for tree removal or trimming may vary considerably for the different government agencies. For example, the minimum size at which a permit is required to remove a tree can vary from 4 inches in diameter (typically measured at 4.5′ above grade) to 10″. Additionally, the tree species that are exempt from permit requirements vary considerably with the different government agencies. It is best to call first if you are unsure whether or not the tree work you are planning requires a permit.

Hillsborough County Tree Service Information

Mangrove trimming and removal

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection Tampa Office – (813) 744-6100

Tree trimming and removal

  • City of Tampa – 1400 N. Boulevard – (813) 259-1775

Horticulture assistance

  • Hillsborough Cooperative Extension Service – 5339 County Road 579, Seffner – (813) – 744-5776

Pinellas County Tree Service Information

Mangrove trimming and removal

  • Pinellas County Environmental Management – (727) 464-4761

Tree trimming and removal Pinellas County

  • City of Clearwater – 100 S. Myrtle Avenue – Construction related permits – (727) 562-4741, Residential related permits – (727) 562-4746
  • City of Dunedin – 737 Louden Avenue – (727) 298-3202
  • City of Largo – 201 Highland Avenue – (727) 586-7488
  • City of Tarpon Springs – 324 E. Pine Street – (727) 942-5617

Horticulture assistance

  • Pinellas Cooperative Extension Service – 12175 125th Street, North, Largo
  • Horticulture hotline – 582-2110
Utility location

Before you excavate in a right of way, call the Sunshine utility location services. 1-800-432-4770. The will notify all entities that may have underground utilities in the area and they will typically mark them within 2-3 working days.