Stump Grinding Clearwater, Fl

One of the downsides to having a tree removed is that you are inevitably left with a stump to contend with

Smiling Tree Stump

Smiling Tree Stump

afterward. Stump Grinding or stump removal in the greater Clearwater, Fl area can be discouraging if you’re attempting to do it yourself. Boen’s Tree Service can give you a Free Estimate for stump grinding and assess the landscape. Our certified arborists can correctly grind or remove any stump and make it appear like there was not a tree ever there.

Tree stumps can be hazardous, especially when they start to get covered up by weeds or high grass. You always want to avoid hazards in the yard that someone could hurt themselves on.

Why Choose Boen’s Tree Service for Stump Grinding?

Boen’s tree service in Clearwater, Florida has been family owned and operated tree service company since 1977. Our certified arborists and trained tree tacticians, know all the ins and outs of stump removal in Clearwater, Fl. We also believe in everyday value pricing, so you never have to worry about overpaying with us.

  • We will remove any size stump
  • Licensed bonded and insured
  • Reputation of honesty and trustworthiness
  • Can remove stumps from almost any location
  • We are careful not to damage your lawn
  • We grind the stumps below surface level
  • Free estimates

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Should I Hire a Tree Stump Removal Company?

  • If you have had a tree removed from your property recently, you really don’t want to leave a stump sitting in your yard. There are several reasons for getting stump removal performed:
  • No one wants an eyesore in their yard. The last thing you want to see when you look out your window is a rotting tree stump. It takes away from the curb value of your property.
  • Tree stumps can consume a wide area of square footage in your yard. Typically, homeowners like clean, neat properties. Tree stumps can impede on play area for the kids.

Stump Grinding Assessment in Clearwater, Fl

To the untrained eye, stump removal may look deceivingly simple. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the technique that is to be used for tree stump removal. Knowing which technique and when to use that technique is why you want to hire a professional tree service company. For instance, an oak tree stump is much more difficult to remove. Oak trees have a much harder wood and the roots grow deeper and wider than most trees. Pine tree stumps and roots are typically wider and flatter. They also are shallow, as opposed to the Oak tree which has deeper roots.

Are Some Stumps Easier to Grind than Other Stumps?

There are different indicating actors that determine how easy a stump is to remove. One factor would be the age of the tree stump. For instance, a stump that is older in age is typically easier to remove. In addition, you would be correct in assuming that a smaller stump is easier to remove as well. Stump grinding a large tree stump can be difficult and requires professionally trained tree service technicians. Boen’s Tree Service can help you decide if a tree stump needs to be removed or not.

Stump Removal Techniques in Clearwater, Fl

Commercial stump removal in Clearwater requires a heavy duty stump grinding machine it could weigh over 800 lbs. if you’re thinking about renting one of these machines for yourself, it can run you a few hundred dollars and there is a lot of liability that you would be taking on. A commercial stump grinder is a very hazardous piece of equipment. Unless you have been professionally trained and using a stump removal machine, you should not attempt to do it on your own. Therefore, it is much more sensible to hire a professional tree service company to do a stump grinding job.

Dangers of leaving a Tree Stump in Your Yard

A stump left in a yard can harbor undesirable insects, to include termites and diseases that can damage your house or nearby trees. In addition, a stump is a trip hazard that can lead to injury or even a lawsuit. The last thing you want, as a homeowner, is to have to hire a pest control company to do a complete drywood or subterranean termite treatment. Best practice dictates that tree stumps should be removed as soon as possible. Some people try to burn their tree stumps, but that’s not always allowed in the city limits. Professional tree service companies usually keep Woodchippers on hand for any large pieces of wood that come from the stop. The stump grinders typically shred the wood stump into fine pieces anyways.

 Should I fill in the void space where the stump was removed?

Nobody wants a hole in their yard. When a tree stump is removed and a hole still remains in your yard, you may want to fill the hole with topsoil and place sod over it. Keep that area of the yard watered, so the sod takes root and in one’s in with the rest of the grass. If you have any questions regarding tree stump removal, Boen’s Tree Service has been removing stumps since 1977 and we possess the latest tools and techniques to do the job correctly.