Tree Service in Clearwater, Fl

Our clients say that when they initially looked for a reliable Tree Service in Clearwater to engage in Tree Trimming and Tree Removal, it was a daunting task. Some tree service companies may not be an ISA Certified Arborist. Or worse, they may not be insured, which puts you, the home owner, at risk with your insurance company. Rest assured that Boen’s Tree Service Technicians, in Clearwater, Fl, has ISA Certified Arborists on staff, has decades of experience, and is fully insured. We are a safe choice for your tree service and have been local to the Clearwater and Palm Harbor area for decades.

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How to Find the Right Tree Service in Clearwater

When choosing a tree service you want to make certain that they guarantee their work, they are licensed, bonded and insured, and have the experience not to put your property or trees at risk. Boen’s Tree Service, which was been operating locally in the Clearwater & Palm Harbor area since 1978, has been providing excellent Tree Service to your neighbors for decades. With a solid A+ BBB rating and 5 Star Reviews, we stand behind our work 100% and have plenty of references to back it up. Our professional tree technicians are proud to serve the Clearwater community while using the latest tree service, tree removal, and tree pruning techniques / equipment available and keep the pricing affordable.

Tree Services

Expert Tree Care
Detailed Tree Trimming
Safe Tree Removal Experts
Stump Removal & Grinding
Tree Cabling
Exceptional Clean-up Service
Licensed & Insured
We carefully treat your yard like it was our own

Boen’s Tree Service Reviews

“The work was done by a very competent, pleasant, and professional group of young men, who I am sure are representative of their employer.” Edward F. ~ Tarpon Springs, Fl

“It is nice to know there is still some professionalism left in the country, and it is refreshing to witness it.” Mary S. ~ Clearwater, Fl


Keep Your Clearwater Trees Healthy

There are several known benefits to how the Tree Removal specialists in Clearwater, Fl can improve your yard. Unhealthy and / or dying trees, left unattended or not tended to on a regular basis, can damage your land or home. In addition to subtracting from your home’s curb appeal, dying trees can pose immediate threats and cost money. Let one of our tree service experts in Clearwater look over your property and give you a complimentary consultation to see which services are best for your home.

What to look for when hiring a Tree Service Company in Clearwater

  • Does the company have valid insurance? Check to make sure that they have both Liability and Workman’ s Compensation.
    Boen's Tree Service in Clearwater

    Tree Service in Clearwater, Fl.

  • Are they fully licensed, bonded, and insured to work in Greater Clearwater, Fl area?
  • Ask for references to prove the legitimacy of their Tree Service work.
  • How long have they been in business? Make sure you’re not hiring a “fly by night” tree service company.

Why should you hire an expert tree service company?

Trimming and removing trees is extremely dangerous work. The larger the tree, usually, the more difficult the pruning and / or removal of the tree. The experts at Boen’s Tree Service have years of expertise with the latest equipment and technology to keep your tree services project at a reasonable price.

Why hire Tree Service Experts in Clearwater, Fl?

  • We are fully licensed, insured and bonded in the state of Florida.
  • We take enough preventive measures to minimize the chances of damage to your property. Being seasoned specialists in all kinds of tree service and tree care in Clearwater, you can rely on us for getting reliable and long term solutions.
  • Being a market leader in the Clearwater Tree Service industry, we know when to prune, when to remove, what to use, and how to go about it professionally. Our tree services are priced correctly.
  • Our tree services are carried out in such a way that in the end, you are happy with the results. In addition, you can rest assured to get full value for your money through our professional tree services.

If you have trees on your property that you are concerned may need to be trimmed or removed, click here or call us to have Clearwater Tree Removal Experts send a certified technician to your home to provide your FREE tree service evaluation. The tree removal expert will offer advice on which trees can be trimmed, and which should be removed before potential harm to your property. We always give a detailed & written estimate on which tree services are best for you. Either way, trimming or removal, the Clearwater Tree Service rep will be sure to find several different levels of service to fit any budget.

Get a Free Tree Service Consultation

Clearwater homeowners who have tree service, tree trimming or tree removal projects often tell us they don’t know what to expect in terms of cost or the time involved to complete the tree services. Not knowing what to expect can be very stressful for a homeowner. Our goal is to make the tree services process as effortless and comfortable for you as possible. You can count on Clearwater Tree Removal for five things:

  • The tree service expert will come to your home at a time that is best for you.  Your convenience is important to us.
  • Boen’s Tree Service will listen carefully and respectfully to your needs and make suggestions based upon years of experience in tree work.
  • We will never try to talk you into services you don’t need. Not during the quote process and not after work starts.
  • Our Tree Service technician will provide a fair and competitive quote, in writing.  You’ll never have to worry about surprises.
  • Boen’s Tree Service will not charge you to come out and write a quote and you are not obligated to use us.  We want want you to choose us because you’re confident we are qualified, professional, honest and affordable.
  • You can request your free no-obligation consultation today by calling 727-785-5779 or by filling out our contact form.  Either way, you will receive a prompt response


Do you really need Tree Service for your home

If you are not sure, then it is time for a free consultation and estimate. Let a certified tree service professional walk your property with you and help decide which tree services best fit your needs.
They will analyze your landscaping, health of your trees, and and give you a professional and honest opinion on whether tree trimming, tree removal or tree service would improve your property.

Communities Boen’s serves, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Crystal Beach, Ozona, Oldsmar, Westchase, Belleair, Trinity, Odessa, Tarpon Springs and Holiday

Weather Effects on Trees in Clearwater

In the Clearwater Metro area, spring season means strong storms that can bring heavy rains, strong winds, and sometimes thunderstorms. The weather can change very quickly in the Clearwater, Florida area. Along with the severe weather, comes severe damage to trees and plants. There are preventive measures that Clearwater residents can take to ensure that they reduce any damaging effects from a violent storm. Obviously, no one can guarantee that your yard will be completely unharmed from strong winds, but Boen’s Tree Service always recommends stacking the deck in your favor.

Have one of our experts from Boen’s Tree Service give you’re a free estimate at your home to identify any hazardous risks that may be lurking in your yard. First and foremost, dead limbs and branches should be extracted immediately to prevent falling or wind-blown limbs from damaging your yard or home. In addition, hiring a professional tree trimmer or pruner in the greater Clearwater area to sculpt the canopies on your trees can prevent tall trees from being blown down during high winds. The proper trimming of your trees will reduce the density of the canopy of the tree allowing wind to flow more freely through the tree, hence causing less damage to the tree and property. If you think you may need advice on this matter, we will send out one of our trained tree service technicians or a certified arborist to assess your trees. All estimates and consultations are free of charge. Another scenario that may happen is when a healthy tree experiences excessive ground saturation due to heavy or sudden rainfalls. This may cause loose ground and that coupled with heavy winds could cause a tree to tip over. This happens often and property owners are at risk to falling trees and damage to their home.

Since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we will go through the extra effort to help you with the insurance company to reduce the pressure of having to do that on your own. Boen’s expert tree service technicians have vast experience in helping homeowners deal with stubborn insurance companies. After a storm that turns your yard into a disaster or damages your home, the last thing you want to deal with is a stubborn insurance company that doesn’t want to help with an uprooted tree. We treat your yard and home like it was our own. If you ever have a tree that needs emergency tree removal service, call us immediately. We will get someone out to you as soon as possible.

Boen’s Tree Service Proudly Serves Clearwater, Florida

Reference Wikipedia Clearwater

Clearwater is home to some of the most beautiful sites in the entire state of Florida. Although the population in Clearwater Florida is just under 110,000, that doesn’t take into consideration the snowbirds that come down for 4 -6 months of the year. In addition, Clearwater is an area that draws in plenty of tourists over the course of a year.

Home to the historic Capitol Theatre, located in downtown Clearwater, visitors can find rich entertainment there for a reasonable price. Also, in the entertainment realm, is the famous Ruth Eckerd Hall, off McMullen Booth rd in Clearwater, Fl. If you’re in the mood for some star-studded entertainment like world reknown ballets, orchestras, singers, plays, or some official UFC weigh-ins, then look no further.

For the naturists, there are a plethora of parks and recreation in Clearwater Florida. The Pinellas Trail, spans a continuous 38 miles through Pinellas county. The trail is great for walkers, runners, bikers, and just enjoying some leisure time with friends. There are watering holes and restaurants off the trail, so you can always pause to enjoy your beverage of choice.
Not to forget our sports fans, there is Threshers Stadium, in Clearwater, home of the Philadelphia Phillies minor league team. Also in the sports genre, there are plenty of beautiful golf courses, the Tampa Bay Lightning are a short drive away, the Tampa Bay Rays are a quick 30 minute drive, and we can’t forget our Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There is plenty if night life in Clearwater also. Shephards Beach Resort, is right on Clearwater Beach. Not too mention plenty of bars, clubs, and sports pubs along the beach.

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